There are a wide range of options available to those museums and collectors who wish to purchase a Gillett phonograph. Here are some of the possibilities. Naturally, if you have specific needs, please contact Pedro directly at:

Please note that all Gillett phonographs will be provided with a modern power source. If you want an original Gillett designed 4 cell Grenet wet-cell battery, we can provide one for you but discourage their use because of the dangerous chemicals involved; it should be used for display purposes only.

All machines with serial number x/10 come with:

Gillett phonograph horns
Gillett phonograph horns
  • Either an Edison or Gillett mandrel (but not both)
  • Lacquered brass parts
  • Mahogany base
  • Speed regulator
  • Two different sized light metal horns as per the book (A)
  • Rubber hearing tubes with earpieces, Y-connector and socket (B)
  • Cone with rubber tube for recording voice (C)
  • 50 - 60W power source.
  • Hardcover signed copy of Gillett's book
  • Certificate of authenticity
  • Recorded cylinder with personal greetings from all of the people involved in the project
  • Access to weekly chats for discussing topics about the building of the phonograph

Options: (not included in the price)

  • Curved horn (D)  EUR 190
  • Gillett-sized cylinder mould  EUR 450
  • Glass case  EUR 390
  • Gillett designed 4 cell Grenet wet-cell battery (TBD)
  • Nickel plating EUR 900
  • Additional cylinder blanks (TBD)

Price: EUR 10,000 (taxes and shipping not included)

Another option for those who just want to follow the process

What about becoming a sponsor of the project? Here's what you'll get:

  • Softcover signed copy of the book
  • Access to weekly chats for discussing topics about the building of the phonograph.

Price: EUR 125 (taxes and shipping not included)

Terms and conditions

A deposit of EUR 2,500 and a precise indication of any options or modifications should be agreed upon with Pedro Martínez prior to construction of the machine. The new owner can transfer the order to anyone else at any time. However, any changes in the specifications must be made at least two months prior to the expected delivery date.

The new owner is responsible for shipping costs and any applicable import duties, sales tax, etc.

Ready to order? Contact Pedro directly at