Meet the team

Pedro Martínez Díaz (Spain)

A master machinist and owner of, Pedro is one of the world's leading restorers of antique talking machines. In his daily work, he is leading the ecommerce ecosystem development at DIA group.

Richard Scott (United Kingdom)

Richard is Chairman of the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society ( He also owns the only known Gillett phonograph made in the 1890s. Richard has been an invaluable source of information regarding his own machine throughout the project.

Bruce Johnson (Czech Republic)

In his daily work, Bruce is a manager at a large multinational near Prague. As a leading European collector of Edison phonographs and recordings, he has provided encouragement, advice, and significant moral support from the very start of this venture.

Víctor Martínez (Spain)

Víctor, Pedro's father, holds a doctorate in physics and is now a retired informatics engineer. In addition to having taught at three universities in Spain, he has also held positions of international responsibility at IBM in the areas of research, technology innovation, and corporate responsibility. He helped gathering information and scanning the correspondence between W. Gillett and the builders in the period 1891 - 1894 and related articles and editing the book that will cover the building of the Gillett phonograph.

Eric Reiss (Denmark)

Eric is best known in the collector community as the author of "The Compleat Talking Machine," widely regarded as the "bible" for antique phonograph restorers. He initially proposed the project to Pedro and provided start-up funding. In his other life, he is CEO of The FatDUX Group, an international user-experience design company headquartered outside Copenhagen.